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HOTSHOTS Episode #17- Drawing on the Internet with Brandon Lepine

Join Brandon and I as he shares how he gained his online following, how little artists are paid for the work they create, what it was like to see his art worn by thousands of people.

This is HOTSHOTS, a podcast for musicians, artists, and professionals within the scene to discuss the ups and downs of working within the Canadian entertainment industry. Of course, I'm your host, Sarah Jessica.

Join Brandon Lepine and I as we discuss living with chronic illnesses, why visual art isn't respected as much as other mediums, and creating art for famous internet figures.

Brandon Lepine is an illustrator and animator based in Ottawa known for his grotesque, horror-inspired drawings and for working with famous online creators and Canadian bands, such as; Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Kurtis Conner, Elvis The Alien, Hasan Piker, Internet Comment Etiquette, Danny Gonzalez, PUP, and Protest The Hero.

You can find Brandon on Instagram under @brandonlepine, his website at, and on YouTube under Brandon Lepine.

Intro/outro music by Nathanael Pollard & Scott Marsh. (@nattydreddz, @scottmarshmusic)

Artwork by Jordyn Doyle. (@doylejordyn_)

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