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HOTSHOTS Episode #11- Creating on the Edge of Burnout with Robyn Lightwalker

Robyn and I talk people-pleasing traits within creative spaces, and how we can all be a little easier on ourselves.

Art credits: Jordyn Doyle

This is HOTSHOTS, a podcast for musicians, artists, and professionals within the scene to discuss the ups and downs of working within the Canadian entertainment industry. Of course, I'm your host, Sarah Jessica.

Join Robyn and I as we discuss people-pleasing habits, creating during a pandemic, and burning out to the point of hospitalization.

Robyn Lightwalker is a Hamilton-based multidisciplinary artist focusing on paint, sculpture, and illustration. You can find Robyn on Instagram under her main account as @thelightwalker93, @lightwalkersculpture for her sculpting work, her comic series at, and her aerial and modelling work at @skyeweaver42. You can also find Robyn on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Patreon, Fiverr, Opensea, Redbubble, Artstation, Tapas, and her personal website

Intro/outro music by Nathanael Pollard and Scott Marsh. (@nattydreddz, @scottmarshmusic)

Artwork by Jordyn Doyle. (@doylejordyn_)


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