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HOTSHOTS Episode #10- Toronto's Indie Scene is in Trouble with Jonah Grinberg

Jonah and I discuss the city of Toronto's treatment of its indie music community.

Art credits: Jordyn Doyle

This is HOTSHOTS, a podcast for musicians, artists, and professionals within the scene to discuss the ups and downs of working within the Canadian entertainment industry. Of course, I'm your host, Sarah Jessica.

Join Jonah and I as we discuss psychedelics, how the Toronto government is failing its indie music community, and Numb Tongues' latest single, "Automatically".

Jonah Grinberg is the vocalist of Toronto-based funk/punk band Numb Tongues, psychedelic enthusiast, and community supporter.

Intro/outro music by Nathanael Pollard and Scott Marsh. (@nattydreddz, @scottmarshmusic)

Artwork by Jordyn Doyle. (@doylejordyn_)


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