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Help me Raise Money for Hamilton's Artist Relief Fund

Join me on July 28th to watch some live music and donate to a good cause.

At the beginning of April, The City of Hamilton's Arts Council created a GoFundMe to raise money for Hamilton artists. The fund was created for artists who lost a significant amount of income due to the pandemic, and 100% of the donations collected for the Relief Fund will be given to artists in need. 

"Art to me is like looking at life through a kaleidoscope," said Saif Chowdhury. (@saif.c)

To raise awareness for the fund, the city collected local musicians and showcased their talent by livestreaming their performances on the city's Facebook page. Since then, the fund has raised just over $35 thousand of their $50 thousand goal.

"Art is a language of creative expression. Art provides a vocabulary for us to express things that are otherwise difficult or impossible to express through other forms of communication," said Thomas Duxbury. (@thomas_duxbury)

On July 28th, I'll be hosting a three hour long livestream on my Instagram account (@sarahshotspot) where nine local musicians will be performing for my audience. Each performance will be 20 minutes each, and while performing, my viewers will be encouraged to donate to the Artist Relief Fund through the link in my bio.

"'Art' to me feels like something I make for myself first, and others second. My hope first and foremost is that I make something that feels it has a direct connection to me. By the time anyone gets the opportunity to hear it, they hopefully feel something similar to them. Perhaps it's a different feeling, that's when things get exciting," said Madison Daniels. (@goodlorditsmadi)

As well as donating to a good cause, the 28th is my birthday, so I encourage anyone who'd like to wish me a happy 23rd to donate to the fund.

"Art is something with emotional impact that leaves a lasting impression," said Chad Chartrand. (@chad.chartrand)

Visit the city's website for more information on how you can help.

"Art is provoking emotion," said Grind Abrasion. (@grindabrasion)

Check the schedule below to find out what artist is playing when!


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