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Hamilton: The Rehearsal Factory

Hamilton musicians should keep an eye out for the brand new rehearsal space open on King Street- The Rehearsal Factory is affordable, accessible, and professional.

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

The summer of 2019 welcomed The Rehearsal Factory, a fresh, new rehearsal space for Hamilton musicians.

Located on 747 King Street East, the building is one of many across the G.T.A.

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"This place is a chain- there's around seven of them," said Christian Cowsill, the studio manager. "They're mainly in the G.T.A. From what I know of, this location was started by the owner and his wife."

Cowsill takes care of the day-to-day duties of running the space.

"My role here is made up of a few duties, for starters, I help promote the place. But I'm also the superintendent," said Cowsill. "I'm in charge of the bookings- I let people in, show them around, sort of the host. I also deal with any issues in the building."

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"There are three room sizes. The smallest are $15 an hour, then $20 an hour, and $25 an hour," said Cowsill. "In a $20 room, everything is slightly better. Bigger rooms have more mics, more amps, better drum kits, that sort of thing."

Cowsill wants to make sure that all Rehearsal Factory customers leave satisfied and impressed.

"I want this place to give Hamilton musicians the best experience possible," said Cowsill. "You worry about the music, we'll worry about everything else. When you come in and plug in, get set up, it'll be clean and ready for you. Any problems you have, I'll take care of it. It's very difficult, especially for young musicians, to get up and get started. So we want to do what we can to help."

"We've already got some local talent coming in and using the space- Scott Neilson from Mohawk College, The Redhill Valleys, Bonnie Hamilton, and every person who comes in is extremely happy with their experience," said Cowsill.

You can contact The Rehearsal Factory by calling 905-920-5755, or by visiting their website at: .

(All photos below taken by Sarah Jessica.)


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