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HAMONT Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Small & Local

Looking for a gift idea that also supports your community? Here's a list of some of my favourite Hamilton businesses and artists.

~ All of the following creators have online stores so you can shop from home, linked below. ~


The Pale Blue Dot

Sustainable Home Goods, Eco-Friendly Supplies


Located on James Street North, The Pale Blue Dot is focused on sustainable living, providing their customers with ethically-sourced eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and single-use products.

Shop their natural beauty products like shampoo & conditioner bars, bamboo toothbrushes, organic deodorants and oils, eco-friendly makeup, and wooden grooming brushes. They have cleaning scrubbers and feather dusters, glass bottles, wooden garden tools and seeds, and even baby products like reusable diapers, bamboo utensils, and handmade toys.

Free Little Lam Designs

Homemade Gemstone Jewelry

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

A regular Art Crawl attendee, Melissa Lam sells her handcrafted crystal jewelry on her Etsy shop Free Little Lam Designs.

Her jewelry includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets decorated with hand-selected, high vibrational crystals and inspired by boho-chic aesthetics.

She uses the gemstones Quartz, Amber, Citrine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aragonite, Green Calcite, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Emerald, Moss Agate, and many more. You're sure to find a crystal that speaks to you.

Reach out to the artist for a custom design!

The Witch's Fix

Magical Supplies & Gifts- Tarot Cards, Crystals, Divination Kits. etc.


According to the owner, The Witch's Fix was created with the soul intention of offering its customers simple ways to lead an enchanted life.

The John Street nook offers a variety of magical supplies, such as journals and spiritual readings, incense and spell candles, and divination tools. Their kits include palm reading guides, tarot decks, and energy-cleansing gear.

They also have witchy jewelry, home decor, and a variety of crystals to choose from.

"The Witch’s Fix encourages you to embrace your inner power, and invites you to challenge your perceptions- to see magic in the mundane, and opportunity in the ordinary."

Relay Coffee Roasters

Coffee, Espresso & Appliances


A #Hamont staple, Relay Coffee offers their signature blends and brewing accessories on their online store. Everyone needs a hot cup of joe this holiday season.

Featuring- two light roasts "Peru" and "Mexico", a medium "Colombia", two darks "Guatemala" and "Sumatra", their espresso, decaf, and two specialty roasts "Switchboard" and "Ratio & Yield".

Their coffee equipment includes CHEMEX pour-over makers, multiple coffee and tea filters, drippers, a glass server, a kettle, and a hand grinder.

They also offer Pacific Foods plant-based milks like oat, almond, coconut, and soy- and a variety of loose teas, like Chamomile, Earl Grey, Ginger Lime Rooibos, Peach Blossom, Masala Chai, etc.

String Illusions

Woven String Art


Hamilton artist Ana M combined her two loves, art and math, to create her beautifully complex string art pieces.

From abstract designs, to band logos, nature scenery, and mirror frames- String Illusions creates diverse, time-consuming projects. She's a regular Art Crawl vendor, so I found Ana while spending the day browsing during 2019s Supercrawl, and bought a Pink Floyd (DSOTM) piece from her. It's my favourite piece of art I own! (Spot the piece in the photo to the right, on top of the table.)

String Illusion's pieces are timeless. Message the artist on her Instagram to order your own unique canvas.

Batik Boutik

Clothing Handmade in Ghana

Photo credits: Kay Kwabia

Created by Maya Amoah, Batik Boutik is a Hamilton-based boutique that sells across Canada- but is handmade in Ghana, West Africa.

The fashion label was created to introduce African styles and prints to American culture, while attempting to crush negative stereotypes and change the narrative around Africans and African culture.

The brand is a socially responsible line that uses sustainable and ethical practices to produce and distribute its clothing.

"Paying employees livable wages doesn't need to be applauded, it should just be the norm," said Amoah.

Batik offers a wide range of patterns and pieces, including kimonos and jackets, pants, skirts, shorts, rompers and dresses, wrap tops, tank tops, halters, button-up t-shirts, and more. The company also creates accessories like backpacks and fanny packs, as well as blankets and African fans.

Bailiwick Studios

Planters and Home Accessories


Have you ever walked into Studio 205 (King Street) and seen those adorable multi-coloured animal air-plant planters? Those were created by Heather, or better known as Bailiwick Studios.

Available on her Etsy shop, Heather creates multi-coloured and metallic animal planters, such as the very popular elephants, bears, sheep, foxes, alligators, tigers, lions, rhinos, cats, skulls, dinosaurs, (pictured to the right) and many many more.

The planters hold the trendy, and easy to take care of, air plant- a soil-less green spikey creature that needs light watering once a week. Heather is also creating holiday garland strands for the season.

Bailiwick Studios is available for custom orders, send her a message via Etsy or Instagram!

i Fiori Florist

Plants & Flowers


Got a hankering for another plant baby yet? If so, definitely visit i Fiori's website- they're delivering!

Hamilton's favourite plant shop on James North sells a variety of green leafy babies. From air plants, to succulents, cacti, snake plants, topiaries, ferns, lemon cypress, rubber plants, aloe, monsteras, and lemon trees- there's a plant for every occasion. Now featuring poinsettias and holiday displays for the upcoming season.

As well as their everyday plants, the store creates floral arrangements for special occasions.

Also available to purchase are plant accessories like bulbs, soil, pots, a watering can, and even some merch- an iFiori tote bag, and beeswax candles.

Donut Monster



I mean.. who wouldn't want a half-dozen donuts as a gift this winter?

Not only are Donut Monster's donuts made in-house, they have a variety of innovative and creative flavours to choose from- not to mention their plentiful vegan options.

With flavours like Buttered Toast, Autumn Plum, Bella Coola, Lavender Lemon, and Apple Cider Honey Walnut- the Locke Street shop has made a name for themselves, and have had daily line-ups outside their doors since their debut.

Also available on the online shop are Pilot ground coffees, locally sourced honey, organic baking flours and yeasts, coffee appliances, and merch! Yep, you can literally get a Donut Monster t-shirt. Order online now for pick-up!

Girl on the Wing

Fashion & Accessories


Girl on the Wing was opened in 2013 by Whitney McMeekin- she said she opened the boutique to culminate all her favourite things; fashion, collecting vintage, organizing events, and connecting with her community.

Known for their bright colours, vintage-inspired designs and graphic tees, Girl on the Wing has become a Hamilton staple. Some of the boutique's best sellers are their Levi's, basics and intimates, berets and toques- but they also sell jewelry, pins and patches, a dozen different totes, and just recently some hand-embroidered face masks.

The King Street fashion store has a variety of goodies available for street-style lovers.

Waterfall Pours

Paint & Flower Resin Designs


Waterfall Pours is Hamiltonian Sara C's shop, where she creates vibrant and colourful resin designs.

Available on Etsy, the artist designs coasters, jewelry dishes, bookmarks, keychains, and tree ornaments using resin, paint, and flowers/plants. Her products are stunning and individually unique, as every piece is handmade with care.

You can message Sara's Instagram or Etsy accounts for custom orders.

When ordering from her Etsy, if you're a fellow Hamiltonian, remember to use code “LOCALSHIP" to pick up locally.


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