Hamilton: Dating with Shay

The Mohawk College grad runs a blog on the dos, don'ts, and dating apps of love.


Shanine Cook knew exactly what her calling was.

"I ultimately wanted to do something with writing or in publishing," said Shay. "I love to read, and you see those women in the movies who work in a publishing house or the people who assist the authors of your favourite novels and you want to be them. I wanted to stay local and live at home, so Journalism at Mohawk College seemed like a good fit. It gave me all the skills I knew I would need, and I could go onto University or take a certificate program in a more focused discipline if I chose. I'm actually looking to take a book publishing certificate at Humber next summer."

Although loving many aspects of journalism, creating written content is her strength.

Photo credit: Shanine Cook

"My biggest passions in my career.. I love social media. I think I'm pretty good at it, but I'm still trying to learn more about SEO and analytics to enhance my skill-set," said Shay. "I love to write as well, but not the traditional news writing that journalists tend to do. I like writing what I want and talking about things I enjoy. I can write a kick ass news/magazine article or profile, but I love just putting a pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard and writing about whatever I desire. I hate stressing about quotes and sources. I enjoy a lot of things that Journalism has to offer. Producing is another love of mine, but since I've been done school for a month or so now, I'm noticing that my passion for it isn't as strong as it was during school."

Choosing her blogging niche was difficult, but Shay found her place by pulling from what she knew.

"I wanted to start a blog, but I wanted it to be different. I didn’t want to write about fashion, or lifestyle, DIY’s. The traditional stuff that you see almost every blogger writing about. If I still nannied, I probably would have written about that but I’m not," said Shay. "The one thing I am doing is online dating and trying to see what the dating world has to offer me, so it just seemed like a good idea. I’m hoping to go far with it and make it into something people love to read and want to enjoy all the time- but right now I’m just writing about what I want to talk about, telling stories I love to tell and hopefully allowing readers to take away something when they’re finished. I have a lot of cool things coming over the next several months. Podcasts being one of them and maybe an e-book by next year!"

Shay hopes that her content will inspire her audience and promote positivity.

"I’m hoping to create content that makes people laugh, smile and feeling empowered. I want to write funny stories and talk about my dates and my friends’ dates. I want to talk about everything revolving around dating and relationships too," said Shay. "One thing I’m trying to do is write about personal thoughts and opinions also. I guess op-eds are an option too. I did a post recently about independence and loving yourself. I think that’s so important and I want to continue to create content similar to that. Women need to be empowered and feel like they can stand on their own two feet without a man holding their hand (strictly my opinion of course)"

Besides graduating in June, Shay's big plans for her future include more blogging, podcasting, and possibly an e-book.

"I’m hoping to make my blog bigger," said Shay. "I want a whole email list full of ladies (and men) that just enjoy hearing what I have to say. I want to have podcasts, e-books, videos etc. I want this to be huge. I hope to be doing that full time eventually. For now, I’m looking to continue with freelancing and doing social media for businesses."

Check out her post about live music hotspots to bring your date to (featuring my reviews) at: https://www.datingwithshay.com/post/check-out-some-live-music-for-your-first-date

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