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EP Release: "ZZZ" by White Rabbit

Milton duo White Rabbit express psychedelic vulnerability on their debut EP.

A collaborator around Hamilton but based in Milton, the shoegaze, psych/dream-rock duo White Rabbit credit their quiet hometown as a huge influence on the music they create. Sabrina Perez and Ben Miles are the minds behind the noisy, psychedelic two-piece, with Perez on the guitar, Miles on the drums, and both producing the vocals. "I grew up listening to a lot of Sonic Youth and Hole," said Perez. "I love things that are both heavy and melodic."

Photo credits: @eight_two_muchphotography

"I'm huge on Nirvana, Weezer and fuzzy-produced music (i.e Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel)," said Miles. "Which definitely seeps into the production quality of our music. Together we kind of create very, 'heavy, melodic, grunge inspired shoegaze,' even though it might not directly seem like it!"

The duo bonded in high school over their passion for music, which eventually led to projects like ZZZ- which began in September of 2021, and took about two and a-half months.

"The EP was finally released four months after its conception in total," said Perez. "Just from producing and making sure it was perfect."

The EP is short, only three songs in length- but each track expresses vulnerability, anger, and finding happiness through a noisy, trippy haze.

Photo credits: @eight_two_muchphotography

"We wrote ZZZ together, and to me feels like staying up all night, being greeted by the warm morning sun, and finally drifting off," said Miles. "The melancholic bliss surrounds you and the beautiful walls of sound entrap you!" "This song, "I-dont-mess-around," I wrote about an ex who would always run from their problems and run from me," said Perez. "This song is kind of taking it all back in a sense, and learning a new confidence from the regrets and sad experiences.

Finally, "Stew" is about trying to find peace with conflicting emotions with new and old relationships, and feeling jealously from small insignificant things."

The band recorded the EP in Miles' basement together, where the drummer built a DIY recording studio.

That feeling of bliss and fullness and love that sprouts from the EP into your headphones!

You can help support White Rabbit by following their socials below, streaming their music, and by reaching out to the artists themselves.

"We don't have a Bandcamp, but the best you can do is stream our music and absolutely let us know what you think!" said Perez. "We are working on an album right now- watch out!"

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