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EP Release: "Killer Bees" by Captain Wildchild

These Hamilton punk-rockers have released their second ever EP- listen below!

Photo credits: Scott Martin (@burnttoastcreative)

Hamiltonians Chad Chartrand, Nigel Stewart, and Samuel Tomlinson are the buddies behind punk/alt-rock group Captain Wildchild. The band was born in 2018, and since their inception, the musicians have been hard at work churning out single after single from their home studio. I spoke to drummer Stewart about the process of creating their latest EP, Killer Bees.

Photo credits: L.A. WEST ( (Left to right: Tomlinson, Chartrand, Stewart.)

"Killer Bees is a collection of songs, new and old, written over the past couple years," said Stewart. "The newest of which being the title track "Killer Bees"."

Killer Bees' artwork is adorably homicidal, where a cartoon bee wields a knife dripping with pink liquid.

"Scott Martin, or '@burnttoastcreative' on Instagram, did our artwork," said Stewart. "We wanted something that reflects our fun energy. The style of Scott's art has always been to poke fun at reality, and that’s something that can be easily received by anybody with a good sense of humour, which is many people considering Scott's vast audience. We make great rock and have fun, what better way to represent ourselves than with a Burnt Toast piece?"

The drummer didn't want to spoil too much about the meaning behind the album- you'll have to give it a listen yourself.

Photo credits: L.A. WEST (

"It explores themes of deception, liberation and insanity," said Stewart. "None of the lyrics are personal - not in the way that they’re autobiographical, at least. Chad would just be in the mood to write about a certain feeling, and that’s what came out. "Killer Bees" would definitely be about insanity - it’s about a guy who gets hit in the head and then wakes up as Charlie Sheen being chased by a swarm of killer bees, but none of it is real! As for the rest of the EP, you’ll have to give it a listen. We don’t want to give it all away."

Stewart says he hopes listeners get their socks rocked off.

"I hope our audience rocks so hard that they forget all of their current troubles," said Stewart. "I hope we electrify our current fans and attract new ones with our intensity, humour and charisma."

Listen above on Spotify, or support the band by purchasing their EP at the Bandcamp link below.

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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