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EP Release: "Her" by Myer Clarity & Boney Washington

This Toronto hip hop duo released an EP surrounding their upbeat, sensual single.

Hip hop collaborators Myer Clarity and Boney Washington released a 2021 EP together titled Her, influenced by their respective partners, and the need for an upbeat, summer-y beat. The EP is introduced with the original track "Her", followed by three radio-style remixes. “I messaged Myer and said we need a summer track, then we got together, and well- shit, now we have an album," said Washington. "We started cooking way back at the beginning of the project," said Clarity. "Back when I had my studio in the small closet space of my apartment, we’d jokingly called it the "sweat lodge", because there was no ventilation and a very unforgiving sunroof that contributed more heat than it did light."

The creative process flowed pretty effortlessly, as the duo recorded the majority of the single in one session- then took a year to perfect the style.

"The record started out as a simple 808 pattern, and then I heard that vocal melody in my head- I ran over to the mic, and the rest just happened naturally," said Clarity. "And by naturally, I mean I obsessed over the structure for a full year before it came out."

The boys took inspiration for Her from their relationships.

Photo credits: Mac Downey (Left to right: Clarity, Washington.)

"We had a lot of fun making this one," said Clarity. "Definitely had the room smokier than hell while we were cutting vocals. As far as writing, we’re both "wifey’d up", so it was easy to write about why your partner is awesome. I kept my verse as inspired by real life as possible, except for the fact that I realized these aren’t Champions, they’re Palladiums- haha." "The writing process was fun," said Washington. "Lots of weed, lots of fucking around, then sent it off to Kyro with no idea what he was gonna put down- but it was fire."

The rappers wanted their single to fit any mood, in any scene. "The style is daily listening, you can bump this song anywhere, it fits any mood," said Washington. "Fabulous & Tory Lanez are always influences in my music." Clarity's classic inspirations led his sound down a different road than he expected.

"I wanted to find a comfortable middle ground between G-Eazy and Anderson Paak, turns out it sounds like Weird Al," said Clarity. Washington prefers to keep their recording process a secret. "The recording process.. Well, you'll just have to spend a day with Myer and I to see how that goes down," said Washington. "I can't be handing out the secret sauce."

Her's remixes were inspired by old fashioned radio edits. "We’re treating these singles like they did back in the days of 45s," said Clarity. "It took me years to get on top of radio edits, but they’re important, lots of my fans got kids."

The collaborator's want their listeners to remain open-minded and ready for anything.

"I hope our listeners say, "These guys can make any style of hip hop, and it slaps!" said Washington.

"We’re going to make literally whatever the fuck we feel like," said Clarity. "Our next single has acoustic guitar all over it and a pop hook, there’s no rules anymore."

You can help support the duo by following their socials, and by donating to the artists directly by purchasing their music via the Patreon or Bandcamp links below. "We’re building a community, come hang out!" said Clarity. "For the price of a coffee you can get in on the frontlines of art you care about- check out our Patreon!"

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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