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EP Release: "Every Single Tear" by Isabella Chiarini

Hamilton pop singer-songwriter Isabella Chiarini just dropped her debut EP.

Photo/art credits: @Lisa.mariephotography & Ariana Cirillo

Hamiltonian singer-songwriter Isabella Chiarini debuted her first ever EP, Every Single Tear, on July 23, 2021. The pop musician describes her style as eclectic, pulling influence from classic pop stars who are known for experimenting and consistently reinventing their sounds.

"I am constantly trying to evolve as I grow up, and give people something new that they weren’t expecting when I release music," said Chiarini. "My main inspirations are Selena Gomez, Madonna and Sia because I feel like they constantly are reinventing themselves and trying new things."

Photo credits: @Lisa.mariephotography

The singer-songwriter describes her debut project as a classic breakup album.

"The EP basically tells the story of a person going through the motions of a relationship, and coming out better at the end," said Chiarini. "So the main theme of the EP is to be yourself, and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel."

Chiarini titled her EP after a featured track on the project, one that holds specific personal meaning for the songwriter.

"I want everyone to be able to relate to my music, I feel the message of the song relates to people everywhere," said Chiarini. "I’m sure everyone has dealt with a breakup, or the end a relationship with someone that was really important to them."

Every Single Tear was two years in the making.

"I wrote the third single, “Another Love Song”, two years ago in Nashville, Tennessee with songwriter Britton Cameron, and basically sat on it for a few years," said Chiarini. "Then in December I started writing the second track, “ Every Single Tear”, with my vocal coach Teresa Nocita, and started to come up with the story of the EP. By the time, “You & Me”, and, “Look Into the Mirror (Remix)”, were finished, the EP took a few years, but I really pushed it within the last six months."

The artist chose to list her tracks in a specific way in order to tell a story.

"The first song is called, “You & Me”, and it’s about a person trying to figure out their relationship with someone they are interested in," said Chiarini. "The second song, and EP title, called, “Every Single Tear”, is about a relationship ending and trying to find who you are again outside the relationship."

The pop singer believes in the power of self-love, exploring the different stages of picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after a sour breakup.

"The third song, "Another Love Song”, is all about empowering yourself, and saying its okay to be on your own and focus on yourself," said Chiarini. "The final song, “Look Into the Mirror (remix)”, is again about empowerment and loving yourself."

Personal tragedy inspired Chiarini to write her vulnerable lyrics, pushing herself to view her traumas as developmental experiences.

Photo credits: Rob Chiarini

"These lyrics hold special meaning to me, because when I was three years-old my mom died of cancer, so I had to deal with the end of that relationship at a young age," said Chiarini. "The more I grew up, I started to understand that I could use that negative experience as a positive in my life, and use it to channel emotions through music and be relatable- which was my light at the end of that long tunnel."

The vocalist says she was extremely grateful to work with the professionals she did for Every Single Tear.

"For track one, “You & Me”, I had an amazing songwriter write a lot of that song for me, named Andrew Bontempo," said Chiarini. "When we met we just tweaked some lines so it sounded more authentic to me, but I was really digging the sound- Dan Borgers produced this one. Track two, “Every Single Tear”, I wrote with my vocal coach, and basically my life coach- Teresa Nocita. I have been taking lessons with her for over ten years, and we have a really strong relationship, so it was just icing on the cake that we were able to write such a strong song! Eric Ruscinski produced this song."

Chiarini recorded the second half of her EP in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Track three, “ Another Love Song”, I wrote with Britton Cameron in Nashville, Tennessee, it was also produced by Britton," said Chiarini. "The last track, “Look Into the Mirror (Remix)”, was originally written four years ago in Nashville, with Britton. I decided to remix it so it would match my current sound and show how much I grew, Dan Borgers produced the remix and I couldn’t be happier with it!"

The singer-songwriter hopes her audience understands the message behind her story.

"I want everyone to know no matter what situations they have gone through or will go through in their lives, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel," said Chiarini. "You will come out stronger and more authentic than ever."

Listeners can help support Isabella Chiarini by following her socials linked below, and by streaming her music.

"If any listeners would like to support me on this crazy journey, they can follow me on all my social medias!" said Chiarini.

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