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COMING UP: LTtheMonk & Sonic Unyon's Christmas Bash

This Saturday, it'll be a hip-hop Christmas at Mill's Hardware- where LTtheMonk & friends will be celebrating the rapper's recent signing to Sonic Unyon.

December 14th | Mill's Hardware | $15 Door

On December 14th, Mill's Hardware will be hosting artists LTtheMonk, Hoss Bowman, Buddah Abusah, and Nick La Rocca to celebrate LT's recent signing to Hamilton label Sonic Unyon.

"Sonic Unyon and I first met through their Social Media Manager Kristin Archer, who I did an interview with on her radio show I Heart Hamilton on CFMU in September 2018," said Liam Tyndall, or LTtheMonk. "After the interview she invited me to perform at a hip-hop show she was throwing. Then we stayed in touch, all the way up until my Kinks, Drinks & Hip-Hop Album Release Party in March 2019- which Kristin came to and brought Lisa La Rocca, another Sonic Unyon employee who is now my manager."

LT and Sonic Unyon had been communicating for months leading up to the signing.

"Well, we've been talking since the spring, since just after the album release party, and the 'courting process', if you can call it that, continued through the summer at our Bayfront Park Canada Day performance in Hamilton, and at the Supercrawl Festival in September. Both events being organized and run by Sonic Unyon," said LT. "Up until the official contract offer came a couple months ago. I finally officially signed a few weeks ago, and we were just sorting out a few final details before Friday's very joyful announcement."

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

Tyndall's audience reaction to the announcement went even better than he expected.

"My musical director and keyboard player Santiago said it was better than my birthday- and with all the love and comments I was getting, and he was totally right," said LT. "The amount of congratulations publicly and privately was wonderful, I always appreciate the love and support that people have given me throughout my career. My supporters are the reason I have this deal with Sonic Unyon in the first place- but this was another level, so much love, and I really was overjoyed."

LT hopes to round out 2019 with a memorable performance.

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"This whole year, this whole album journey, this whole journey with Sonic Unyon so far, really kicked off at the album release party in March- which was at Mill's Hardware, so returning to the same venue to close out 2019 will definitely bring some sentimentality and some heavy emotions," said LT. "But I think that'll just give me the extra energy to really give everything I can on stage. I know Santiago, Cam & Lucas, my band, are truly excited because it's been a huge year for them too. I know Buddah Abusah, Hoss Bowman, and his drummer Jadon can't wait to perform as well. It should be a great celebration and a great show."

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