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COMING UP: Halloween Rock N Eve Charity Livestream

Grab a ticket for a virtual rock concert in support of Hamilton Health Sciences!

Born and bred Hamiltonian and local music fanatic Cailin Provo decided to put her musical connections and love of community support to work, and created Halloween Rock N Eve, a charity fundraising livestream in support of Hamilton Health Sciences,

Featuring local bands like Revive The Rose, The Jailbirds, Dirty Rick, Drop Top Alibi, and One In The Chamber, Provo arranged for the performances to be filmed at the Steel City recording studio Catherine North Studios.

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica (Pictured above: Christian Dotto)

"I've had this idea for about two years now," said Provo. "When the pandemic hit the music industry just stopped and no one was touring. In April of this year I decided to take this crazy idea and turn it into a reality. I really wanted to give the bands the opportunity to be able to play again, it's the power of music that makes the world go round."

Provo has been a dedicated fan of these bands for two to three years, being introduced to each band through the other.

"I've known The Jailbirds the longest," said Provo. I met Revive the Rose through them, they were on the same bill in 2019. I found Drop Top Alibi as they were going to be playing a show with Revive the Rose and The Jailbirds, however that show never happened as it was right when the first lock down was in place."

"I discovered Dirty Rick through Andy Colonico's live stream show he had every Sunday in 2020, he had David Koffman on talking about the band," said Provo. "I came across One in the Chamber through a podcast I was listening to! I believe that's when their single "Blow" was just released, and I was hooked ever since."

The show took four and a half months to plan.

"Recording took two days straight in August, and two months to promote the show," said Provo. "In total about six months of hard work and planning. Cody from Red Truck Pictures and his friend Dale did all the video- it looks amazing! Myke Penney, Emma Whale and Aidan did all the audio recording, and Myke mixed and mastered the audio which sounds absolutely amazing."

Provo invited me to take part in the photography, as well as Anneille Little.

"I chose the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation because this pandemic has hit our front line workers extremely hard, and I want to give back to them for all the hard work and long hours they put in," said Provo. "They need all our support right now."

Photo credits: Sarah Jessica (Pictured above: Jessie Taynton)

Provo is specifically raising money for the frontline workers of Hamilton Health Sciences, providing them with resources and well-deserved mental health aids.

"Every dollar raised by Halloween Rock N Eve will directly support initiatives within the hospitals," said Provo. "Such as; creating Quiet Rooms that are accessible to staff when they need it, stocking and creating Compassion Carts that will have everything from tools and resources to snacks or activities to give a mental break, and massage chairs and care packages for when medical staff has put in extra hours."

The showrunner wishes the viewers a great Halloween weekend.

"My hope is that everyone will enjoy the show, and maybe discover a new band or two, and even go out and see them live!" said Provo. "All five bands involved put on amazing live shows."

You can purchase a $20 ticket at the link below, or donate directly to the cause.

Gallery by Sarah Jessica.

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