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COMING UP: Dirty Rick and LTtheMonk @ The Doors

You won't want to miss this show. Featuring co-headliners Dirty Rick and LTtheMonk, with openers Astrals, and The Chesnut Tree Cafe.

November 15th | The Doors Pub | $10 door

On November 15th, you can find Dirty Rick, LTtheMonk, Astrals, and The Chesnut Tree Cafe live at 56 Hess Street South.

(David Koffman of Dirty Rick.) Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

David Koffman, the frontman of Dirty Rick, put together the gig at The Doors Pub to celebrate his love for Hamilton.

"We put this lineup together to showcase some awesome local Hamilton talent," said Koffman. "The acts cross genres and represent several Hamilton art hubs, or communities- like Art Crawl, Mohawk College, and McMaster University."

LTtheMonk, originally from London, England, is a Mohawk College music student and local hip-hop artist.

(LTtheMonk.) Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"We ended up on the lineup 'cause David messaged me about co-headlining," said LT. "He said he'd heard my name from several friends and thought I'd be a great choice, which I was very happy to do!"

Dirty Rick are regulars at The Doors.

"This will actually be our fifth show at The Doors since I moved back to Hamilton in September of last year," said Koffman. "We love The Doors for a bunch of reasons, it's really close to my house, it's in the heart of the city, the staff is fantastic- and of course, any place named after my favourite band is good in my books!"

(LTtheMonk.) Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"I've played Doors solo once, but this will be the first time with my band," said LT. "It's a special place because of it's intimacy. You're eye-level with the crowd, it really helps everyone get up close and into the band's energy."

The bands hope to make this gig a memorable night.

(The members of Dirty Rick.) Photo credits: Sarah Jessica

"My hopes are for another great show as we close out the decade," said LT. "It'll be a pleasure to play with bands of different genres. I want this, and our other remaining shows, to round out 2019 before we come out fresh in 2020."

"We hope to bring fans from different walks of life together for a filthy night of dancing and passion," said Koffman. "They just might discover their new favourite Hamilton band!"


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