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Charity Livestream: Queens of Rock N Roll

The women-run concert series is raising money for the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

(Emily Mac) Photo credits: Emily Mac

The live concert series celebrating and showcasing women in rock created by Emily Mac, went through a few title changes. First, there was Queens of Blues Rock, Queens of Darkness, then finally- Queens of Rock n Roll.

Photo credits: Andrea Hunter Photography

"The first Queens of Rock n Roll showcase took place in April of 2017 at the now closed Cadillac Lounge in downtown Toronto and was called Queens of Blues Rock," said Mac. "Since then there have been a few different names, including Queens of Darkness, which was a Halloween themed rock show & costume party. I decided to stick with Queens of Rock n Roll since it encompasses all the different rock genres. It has since evolved from a live concert experience into something different. Rock music is meant to be played live, and I’ve been greatly missing this experience. For me when I do a live show it’s not just about me and my performance, it’s about connecting with the audience and the other bands that are performing - I miss this community."

"Before quarantine I never thought about taking the Queens of Rock n Roll showcase online, but I've felt very excited from watching all the creative livestreams happening, and inspired by seeing what some of the other female showcases were doing online, like Women in Music TO. Taking the Queens of Rock n Roll showcase online opens the doors for doing showcases with artists from all over the world without having to worry about travel or accommodation. Who knows, once full live shows are back up and running, maybe we will do in person showcases in different cities and tour together! On top of being a platform for this showcase, I'll be posting on the Instagram page about the women in rock who inspire me. From legends, to indie rock stars, and talking about the experience of being a woman in the rock music scene."

Four female rockers will be performing for the livestream.

Photo credits: Emma Lee Photography

"For our upcoming showcase on June 25th, Queens of Rock n Roll will be featuring looping artist & rock singer Alissa Vox Raw, alt-rock Irish singer 0Stella, slide guitar player and roots rock singer Kalyna Rakel, and I will be hosting as well as performing my blues-y rock 'n' roll songs," said Mac.

All proceeds from the Queens of Rock n Roll showcase will be going to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

"With the current economic climate many more people are in need and using food banks to feed themselves and their families," said Mac. "My goal is to give the audience a live music experience from the comfort of their own home, while raising money for a great cause!"

Each artist will be performing one single at a time.

Photo credits: Brendan Albert Photography, Gabriel Lima, Andrea Hunter Photography.

"It's going to be done like a Nashville songwriters round, except with rock music," said Mac. "Each artist playing one song at a time, looping round all the artists. I'll also be talking to the artists about their experiences in quarantine, and how it's affected their music and life. I know for me it’s been a challenge not being able to play with my band, but it’s also forced me to be more creative! So I’m really interested to hear about what all the artists are doing now with their music."

Mac hopes to eventually expand Queens of Rock n Roll beyond Canada.

"I would love it if Queens of Rock n Roll became an international showcase featuring a diverse group of female, and female-identifying rock musicians from around the world," said Mac. "Rock music is still a very male dominated genre, and even before COVID-19 it could feel isolating to be a woman in rock. I'm hoping to create a community where all female rockers can connect, collaborate, interact and inspire each other."

The livestream takes place on Thursday, June 25th 2020 at 8pm EST on Zoom. Tickets are $10 plus Eventbrite fees, and can be purchased at the link below.


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