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Album Release: "Waste Of Time" by Sarina Haggarty

This London-born pop songwriter talks love, loss and lessons on her new album, "Waste Of Time."

Toronto-based pop singer-songwriter Sarina Haggarty describes her personal sound as, "laid-back and easy-listening, while still fitting into a 'night-out' party vibe." The musician isn't actually originally from TO, though she mainly works in the city- her heart lives in her hometown of London, Ontario.

Photo credits: Kate Dockeray

"I do call myself a London artist since it’s my home and I’m continually going back and forth," said Haggarty. "However, over the past few years I’ve been traveling and touring so it’s been an ongoing experience to go back and forth. I plan to continue that, and I always end up coming back home to see my family, friends, and pets."

The artist says that when focusing on writing, she prioritizes keeping her lyrics relatable and crafting a memorable sound, which she says is the best way to catch a listener's ear.

"Some major musical influences of mine include Holly Humberstone, JP Saxe, and Tenille Townes," said Haggarty. "As a lyricist, I’m a fan of them and find myself continually inspired by their creativity of words. I hope one day I can work with them and learn from them, but also be able to share my mindset."

At the start of the pandemic lockdowns, Sarina began releasing music that she had written virtually.

Photo credits: Kate Dockeray

"Then, I picked a few of my favourite songs and smashed them together," said Haggarty. "Then, as I was wrapping up the album in 2022, another song came up and I knew I wanted to add it to the album since it had such a good story to it. I did have an album in mind but I was continually taking my time and winging it!"

Overall, Waste Of Time took two years to make- opening with the single "Deep End," which the pop singer says is about moving through life with optimism, during both the good and bad.

““Scars To Prove” is a purposeful story," said Haggarty. "My friends actually wrote it and as soon as I heard it, it felt as if I wrote it. I found it something really understandable and personal."

The third track, "Take It All Back," is described as a unrequited love story between friends, and "Waste Of Time” is a tune co-written with Haggarty and Dylan Emmet.

"Dylan and I wrote that for fun, it's about when a boy gave me hints that he liked me, and then suddenly decided to disappear," said Haggarty. "We switched the perspective and wrote it as if I was the one who was leaving. Basically, I took the blame."

"Alison" is a pop-rock track about feeling betrayed, followed by "If Only I Knew," a Nashville-written song about learning from your mistakes.

Photo credits: Kate Dockeray

"The last song, “Be Alright,” was written with my friend, who’s featured on it," said Haggarty. "We were brainstorming ideas and the message of, 'No matter what, things will be okay,' came to mind."

As the songwriter took two years to put Waste Of Time together, she worked with multiple producers to complete the project.

"Dylan Emmet produced "Take It All Back," "Waste Of Time," and "Alison," said Haggarty. "Nick Fetchison produced "Scars To Prove It," "Waste Of Time," and "If Only I Knew." Dan Brodbeck produced and mixed "Be Alright," and the other songs were mixed by Nick Fetchison and Rob Nation."

Haggarty credits her cowriters with inspiring her to complete her full-length project.

"I feel more confident now when writing," said Haggarty. "Whether it’s a full catchy production, a raw heartbreak ballad, or a personal story that you hope people will relate to. It was nice working with people who are so full of excitement and motivation."

Ultimately, the singer-songwriter hopes her listeners are able to take personal meaning away from Waste Of Time, and that each streamer will either be able to relate to the artist's messages, or learn a lesson of their own.

"I hope they can be sentimental when listening to a song, or the whole album," said Haggarty. "I hope they share it with their friends. Mostly, I just want them to enjoy it!"

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