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Album Release: "W-UU" by Buunkin

The rapper and Hamilton newcomer is building a family with "ZYX".

Photo credits: Derek Russell

Although living in and gathering a large fan base in the city of Hamilton, rapper Buunkin wasn't raised there.

"I wasn't born or raised in Hamilton but I started my career as an independent artist in Hamilton in 2015," said Buunkin. "In previous years I was making music out of Sarnia, Ontario, playing in a few bands and touring around all throughout high school. So I wouldn't say that I'm a Hamilton-based artist, I guess I’d refer to myself a GTA-based artist."

W-UU is released, but Buunkin is always working to improve.

"The W-UU album has been in the making for a year and three months and is still going through updates and changes," said Buunkin. "The theme of the album is about not giving a fuck, and being upfront about the situation regardless of the outcome. It's generally about lust, trust, respect, hate and all that's in between."

Each song featured on W-UU is based on Buunkin's personal experiences.

"The inspiration behind each track is pretty straight forward, being that each song was

written about personal experiences that I've either dealt with recently, or in the past," said Buunkin. "Even each track's title has a meaning behind it that is incorporated in the lyrics of the song."

The recording process helped Buunkin discover himself.

"The recording process was incredibly fun," said Buunkin. "I’ve definitely had my ups and downs during the process, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I can say that I've learned a lot about

myself during these times and have gone through a lot since starting the W-UU album. I

started "ZYX" during these times, I've lost close friends and business partners, gained the

best family i could ever ask for with "ZYX", and have networked with some of the people I've

looked up to in the past- like MatStubs, Freddie Dredd, DJ smokey, Serving Mike, Kenny Vs.

Spenny. Going through the motions of life during the writing process has helped me

write the lyrics to my more current songs. It's almost as if my album is telling you what I

went through during those times."

'ZYX' is a GTHA-based hip-hop collective that Buunkin helped create.

"'ZYX' stands for 'Zen your Xaniety'," said Buunkin. "Like 'ABC', but we like doing things backwards. A great portion of the community was formed by hosting events I greatly thought would appeal to others, like catering to all the shows allowing people to be free without so many boundaries. We’re all hoping to carry the same energy we brought to Hamilton around the whole world. We’re just getting started, so it’s beautiful to see how much of an impact was made in such a short amount of time."

The rapper's fan base has been extremely supportive since the release.

"I've received nothing but positive feedback from my fan base since the release of W-UU," said Buunkin. "Hopefully I left an open door for this generation to the new sound of the underground

culture. Creating a path for a totally new generation of music."

You can stream W-UU on Spotify, and check out "ZYX" at the Soundcloud link below.

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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