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Album Release: "Self Reflections" by Maddisun

The singer-songwriter from British Columbia released her debut album back in August- listen below!

Photo credits: Alexander Slobodian

Pop/alternative singer-songwriter Maddisun released her debut album Self Reflections in August of 2020. The artist wrote in, recorded in, and was inspired by her native province of British Columbia.

"I actually grew up in British Columbia," said Maddisun. "In a small mountain/ski-town called Cranbrook. So I’m more of a west or west mountain artist, I've performed mostly in British Columbia and Alberta. I was meant to go on a tour to support my new album, but of course COVID-19 happened."

Maddisun says her sound is heavily inspired by female-fronted bands and powerhouse female vocalists.

Photo credits: Alexander Slobodian

"I definitely have a very diverse sound," said Maddisun. "I pull from a lot of different genres and bands in my music. I would say most of my influences actually come from classic rock, mostly 70s female musicians. Bands like Heart, The Pretenders, Blondie, Bonnie Raitt. I also have some newer influences, and most of them are based on that strong female sound, so artists such as Maggie Rogers, Tennis, Mazzy Star, Amy Winehouse."

Maddisun began working on Self Reflections after she returned home from Europe.

"I lived in Ireland for a few years, when I got home I was filled with so much reflection, and I just needed to write about it all," said Maddisun. "So a lot of the ideals and themes on the album are about my travels and life abroad, and returning home to the mountains. The album has a lot of reflective feelings. It’s about growth, finding light, wanting to be the best version of myself. I wrote the rest of the album once I found out I got the Creative BC grant. I also went through some traumatic stuff, and I did some writing a few months before going into the studio that was really impactful on the tracklist. Songs like “Fiction” and “Reflections”."

Although the LP is the artist's debut, Maddisun explains that the record is one about self-discovery and growing up.

Photo credits: Jessica Paige

"The album has a coming-of-age feel," said Maddisun. "It’s definitely a debut, but it has so much passion. The songs are about a lot of lost love, and finding myself in the process. Reflecting and discovering new things."

The album is a personal journey for the songwriter, as she explores a myriad of emotions on each track.

"The songs “Wild Roses”, “Fiction”, and “Differences” are very emotive songs," said Maddisun. "I'm searching for my place in the world, and always yearning for love, and connection. Especially for myself. The songs are representations of each different reflection and version of myself, and that is part of the reason they are all so different and bend so much in genre and sound."

The singer-songwriter recorded her debut in Winlaw, British Columbia.

"I recorded in the most beautiful off grid studio called Sincerity Sound," said Maddisun. "Barry Jones was the engineer and main producer. It was the most incredible recording experience I've ever had. I stayed on the land of the studio, which was beautiful, in my dad's travel trailer for nearly a month. My bandmates stayed with me for a while while tracking the album. It was raw, and intense, and I was completely immersed in the music and nature. We had 24-hour access to the recording space, which was an old barn turned into a studio. The days were filled with sunshine, music, happiness and light."

Maddisun says she's grateful to have a large, strong support system.

"Of course my family and friends are always extremely supportive," said Maddisun. "They've been waiting for this album for a long time! They were incredibly excited and happy for me. I did a album listening party that was so successful. Everyone purchased the CD and merch, and just so much genuine support. So shout out to all you lovely people."

The singer hopes her audience connects to her debut, and that each individual finds something to love about her diverse and eclectic sound.

"I'll jump from synth pop, to classic rock, to reggae, bossa nova, country," said Maddisun. "I'm trying to have my voice heard, and be known for being a versatile vocalist and songwriter. I've been working for a long time to have a piece of music out that I am genuinely proud of and love, and this is it. So I hope listeners can feel that passion, and want to support me and connect on a deeper level."

Upcoming gigs:

(Postponed due to COVID-19.)


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